In November 2020, by combining our passion, many years of experience in woodworking, 3D modeling, programming numerical machines as well as building guitars and luthiers, Miuu Guitars was founded.


Having professional carpentry machines, numerical CNC machines, a paint shop, our own sawmill and kiln, and above all, proven suppliers of tone wood, we were able to build the first prototypes and then the first model very quickly.



From that moment we thought to build models of guitars and basses according to our own vision.


The style and quality of Miuu Guitars quickly became recognizable, and the base of available models has grown and is still growing.
We offer modern solutions, e.g. carbon rods reinforcing the necks. We also have our own proven constructions of guitar and bass pickups.
We constantly focus on development and raising standards.

Produkcja gitar elektrycznych i basowych

Handmade custom instruments. Many years of experience. Unique designs. Skilled and experienced team.



Sędziszów Małopolski, 39-120 ul. Piaskowa 74

Tel: +48 793 182 006

Tel: +48 721 618 437

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