Why you choose our instruments


Unique own models.

Years of experience in woodworking and design allowed us to move into the world of guitars.
When designing and manufacturing instruments, we use the latest technologies and acquired skills.



Modern machining.

Miuu instruments are made with great precision thanks to the modern technologies at our disposal.
We are constantly implementing new solutions and novelties from the world of science, while ensuring that the instruments have their own soul.



High quality tone wood.

For the construction of instruments, we use high-quality wood from reliable suppliers - both from Europe and from other parts of the world.
At the same time, we source our European wood, season it, dry it and roast ourselves. From the log to the tone wood.



Thousands of custom combinations.

Based on our models, we can offer you a full custom guitar. You can choose the type of wood from which we will build your neck, body, top and
fingerboard. You can choose the type of finish and its combinations. You can choose hardware from the best manufacturers.
There are thousands of combinations!


Produkcja gitar elektrycznych i basowych

Handmade custom instruments. Many years of experience. Unique designs. Skilled and experienced team.



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